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17-Jan-2018 15:14

I was even shocked at what was written on the pages.It unfolds this season, but it hits the ground running in Episode 1.But the major shift this season is this new, mysterious Sasha character and the drama that he brings with him.We also find the Pack dealing with international Pack alphas this year and international Pack law, and that’s another tricky situation for Elena and Jeremy.Once Elena discovered his secret that Jeremy was trying to kill her, the first day she stepped onto Stonehaven, put tension between her and Jeremy. I’m sure she can rationalize with him to agree with her. Outside of emotions and family, within Pack law, we do have to obey and listen to him. If Elena were ever to take over as alpha, what sort of alpha do you think she’d be?But she let that go, a little bit, until this season when she sees Jeremy’s new draconian leadership and really sees Jeremy becoming Malcolm, his father and someone they all despised. VANDERVOORT: I wish she’d be the alpha that instills movie popcorn night and says, “Let’s all just take a break and relax.” Realistically, I think she’d be a strong leader. At the end of this season, will there be a sense of closure to the story? It’s just difficult because you never know with television what will happen. Had you been talking to them about doing something on the show?VANDERVOORT: I always compare it to, if you’re dating someone and you don’t like their father or their mother and you’re verbal about it, it’s going to cause tension between you and your significant other, and that’s definitely the case with Elena and Clay.

How do you feel about that and the possibility of leaving this character behind? VANDERVOORT: I’ve been lucky to have played a lot of these women, over the years, especially in the sci-fi genre.

I think she would definitely lead by instinct and follow her own path, and not obey the old Pack law and rules. But she would also have a sense of compassion, as well. VANDERVOORT: I believe that the show really does a great job, this season, of taking the characters to where they needed to be. But I think what we’ve done this season should make fans very, very pleased. VANDERVOORT: When the show was airing, I tweeted that I thought it was fantastic and that they were doing a great job.

She still remembers what it was like to be human, and she does have that quality to her. Whether fans like or dislike that, we’ll have to wait and see. And then, a couple weeks later, I was at an awards show and met one of the executive producers, Andrew [Kreisberg].

Elena is really the only thing that could get Clay to even consider leaving Jeremy and the Pack behind.

How will her evaluating and questioning Jeremy’s approach create tension, in that regard?

And as an actor, throughout the three years, I’ve become more comfortable within my own skin and confident. How surprised do you think viewers will be, by the way things play out this season?