Adult fantasies chat line

14-Sep-2017 15:00

He's a double major in English Literature and Religion.Men call me for an infinity of reasons – but mostly for what I call 'Executive Stress Relief'.It's absolute anonymity on to which we can project our fantasies.Who cares if the sexy-sounding woman on the other end of the line is actually a 20-stone mum of four?But these women (and men, some very successful PSOs have been boys with high-pitched voices!) have to do so much more: they have to morph into a role that is part therapist, part sexual surrogate.It's good to have a bit of mystery; and after all, as Truman Capote once said about masturbation, "The good thing is that you don't have to dress up for it." The mature operator "I'm 60 years old, have a BA in cultural anthropology from Columbia University, and I've been married for 25 years.

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But in moderation, I think that the allure of phone sex is the same as Erica Jong's "zipless fuck".

I'd try to avoid eye contact with her, because I'd see her stifle a smirk or make a gagging gesture or look at me pantomiming utter shock, and I'd start laughing uncontrollably." The voice "I never thought I'd work in phone sex.

All those years doing customer service, people would comment on my sexy voice: I thought I was being professional, not sexy.

They also have to improvise and create multiple personae in order to play the submissive secretary, the naughty nurse, the adult baby, the porn star or the barely legal teen girl.

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In fact, a quick skim of UK websites reveals that any scenario not involving children or animals seems to be up for grabs.

When I see the late-night ads for premium-rate phone sex lines featuring nubile, tanned young women, I get curious about who is actually on the other end of the phone.

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